Hotline – Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is the purpose of the Hotline?

The Hotline allows confidential reporting of corruption, fraud, discrimination and other violations of the law, of NCOC's General Business Principles, and of NCOC's Code of Conduct by NCOC staff as well as by third parties having a business relationship with NCOC.

2. Who can use the Hotline?

The Hotline is available to all NCOC staff members. In addition, the Hotline can be used by third parties with whom NCOC has a business relationship (such as vendors, suppliers, and agents) to report concerns. 

3. What types of violations can I report?


You can use the Hotline to report:


  • Instances of corruption, fraud, forgery or theft

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Gift, entertainment and hospitality abuse

  • Discrimination, harassment, substance abuse

  • Improper use of IT resources

  • Social and labor conflicts

  • Other breaches of the General Business Principles and the Code of Conduct

  • Other potential violations of the law

4. How do I provide information to the Hotline?


You can provide information using any of the following three methods:



All of the above operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

5. What information do I need to provide when contacting the Hotline?


Any information you can provide is appreciated.  However, by providing more information you make it easier for us to determine what happened and how to fix it.  With that in mind we recommend that you submit the following information: 


  • What happened

  • Where and when did the incident occur

  • How you learned about the incident

  • Who was involved in the incident

  • Is the incident over?  Is it still happening?

  • What evidence (if any) can you provide?  For example, pictures, documents, correspondence, etc.

  • Other additional information you would like to provide

6. How is the information that I submit handled?


To ensure the confidentiality, all information will be submitted to, reviewed by and processed by an external independent company.


This company will compile a daily report of messages received and send the report to NCOC’s Ethics & Compliance department. 


NCOC’s Ethics & Compliance staff will review the report and determine appropriate action, consistent with NCOC’s internal policies.


7. How can I be sure that any information I provide remains confidential and anonymous, if I chose to remain anonymous?


If you chose not to provide your name when submitting your report, no personal information will be collected by the Hotline or provided to NCOC.  Telephone calls to the Hotline are not recorded or traced.

8. Can I be sure of no retaliation after providing information?


NCOC will protect anyone who submits a complaint in good faith from retaliation.  Any perceived retaliation should be reported to Ethics & Compliance staff so it can be properly addressed.


9. How long will it take to review information provided?


The review period depends on many factors which include the completeness and accuracy of the information provided, whether supporting documents have been provided, and the type of violation.

10. Who to contact if I have questions about the Hotline?


Please contact NCOC’s Ethics & Compliance staff if you have any questions.